Black Henna is Dangerous!

So many people request "black henna". And although the color is truly beautiful it is very harmful to the skin and internal organs.  Henna is not naturally black.  Whenever you come across something being called or used as "black henna", be assured this is henna mixed with chemicals from hair dye in order to achieve the color black most desired. On the surface of the skin this can cause minor rashes up to severe permanent scarring of the epidermis. It is also an extremely highly toxic substance that when absorbed by the skin can cause liver damage especially if used repeatedly over time. Just take a look at the horrific images available on the Internet. 
If you have a special occasion in which you feel you must apply the color black  for body art, there are healthy alternatives to achieve the same color effect. These "black henna look alikes" are safe and nontoxic.  Consult your Henna Artist prior to your appointment and inquire about the ingredients in  the products they use, be sure to ask about the alternatives. Remember always choose safety first.

By Susan,
Sahara Henna Designs and Body Art

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